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Don’t get Hoodwinked, Bamboozled or led astray by a Tax Scam!

(Message from Franchise Tax Board)

Types of Scams

You should be suspicious of anyone that contacts you by email, mail, or phone who:

    •    Asks for passwords for your credit cards, bank account, bank debit card, MyFTB Account, email account, or other private, personal, or business accounts.  Our agents never ask for this kind of information and you should never disclose it.

    •    Threatens to contact local police or other law-enforcement groups to have you arrested if a tax debt is not paid.

    •    Demands payment by third-party issued or pre-paid debit cards. We don’t accept these forms of payment.

    •    Claims that there is a problem with your account. Our agents are able to specifically advise you on account information, assessments, balance due, reference notice dates and previous contacts. Our agents will explain the nature and details of you tax or nontax debt. Contact us, if you received a notice or bill from us and want to verify the validity of the communication.

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