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Increase your effectiveness when working with the California Franchise Tax Board

California is one of the most challenging states when it comes to income/franchise tax filing requirements and state government tax agency oversight. Taxpayers may be required to respond to notices and take tax positions on issues when clear guidance has not been established within the California Revenue and Taxation code, or effectively communicated by the tax authorities. Let us help resolve your tax issues. We specialize in resolution of long standing or recent Franchise Tax Board issues in an expedited timeframe and bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case.

We routinely provide behind-the-scenes strategic counseling to clients and their other advisors on potential or existing tax-related disputes. The degree, nature and extent of our representation depends on the unique needs of each client and their particular facts and circumstances. We are equally comfortable being on the front lines of a tax dispute as we are in providing advice and coordinating activities with a team of other tax professionals in pursuit of an efficient, meaningful resolution for our clients.

Steve Sims is a nationally recognized California income tax expert with over 34 years of experience working with the Franchise Tax Board. He was the Taxpayers' Rights Advocate for seven years and most recently a Director for State and Local Tax Controversy at KPMG. Steve has worked with taxpayers/clients to resolve complex long standing issues quickly. He has extensive knowledge of California income tax laws and Franchise Tax Board policy and procedures. With respect to California tax-related matters, few others have similar expertise, relationships and experience offered.

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I highly recommend Steve Sims for any situation which would benefit from an inside understanding regarding policies and procedures of the California Franchise Tax Board. His over 32 years of experience working for FTB, including 7 years as the Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate, make him uniquely qualified to successfully consult on many different topics (substantive and procedural). He is responsive and hardworking. He has been a valuable resource for me and my clients.
— Amy