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“Lien on me ....hmmmm” The Franchise Tax Board may if you have a balance due. Then the problems may follow!

A lien is a legal claim against real or personal property to satisfy a debt.

A state tax lien attaches to all property and rights to property, whether real or personal, belonging to the taxpayer and located in California. It attaches to property owned by the taxpayer at the time the lien arises and property subsequently acquired by the taxpayer.

A Notice of State Tax Lien may be recorded or filed with a county recorder's office or with the Secretary of State's office. The lien remains in affect until it is paid or resolved. The lien expires ten years from the recorded date of the notice, unless the issuing agency records an extension. Refer to Government Code Section 7172(b) for additional information at

The FTB will not report the recording or the release of a state tax lien to credit reporting companies. Since the Notice is a matter of public record, it may appear on the taxpayer's credit report.

How to resolve a Franchise Tax Board Statutory Tax Lien

FTB video explaining a statutory tax lien:

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