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“You gonna learn today...” Free Small Business Seminars throughout California!

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) sponsors Small Business Tax Seminars that are held throughout the state. These half-day seminars will bring together representatives and experts from some of California's state agencies, such as: CDTFA, Employment Development Department, and the Franchise Tax Board. From the federal side, a representative from the IRS and the Small Business Administration usually attends as well. Current and prospective small business owners and tax professionals can learn about compliance issues, filing requirements, changes in tax laws, and get their questions answered. Presentations may include avoiding common sales and use tax problems, employee versus independent contractor, common forms of business ownership, better business through keeping better records, and more.

These events provide resources, information, and contacts that can help small businesses prosper and succeed and avoid many common pitfalls or mistakes.  These seminars are free to attend and are an important part of California’s education and outreach efforts.

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