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Increase or improve your firms CA Franchise Tax Board tax controversy practice through the use of my services as an independent contractor.  Services for companies and individuals.

Over 36 years experience specializing in CA Franchise Tax Board issues. For my CV/Bio click here:

The following is a partial listing of services offered:


The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) sends notices from several different program areas. Understanding the notices and knowing how to respond is a critical part of reducing the clients exposure to follow-up notices and questions. We can consult on how to respond or work the issue directly with the FTB.


The FTB has a very aggressive collection program that includes a considerable number of tools used to collect debt. While taxpayers are given an opportunity to resolve issues during the voluntary collection cycle, once the account goes into the involuntary stage of collection the FTB will enforce their collection program. If this happens, we can provide consultation on the following:

  • Requesting a temporary stay on collections action

  • Negotiate an installment agreement

  • Request a lien release

  • Recover attached funds (limited circumstances)


We have experience consulting on a number of topics and issues regarding California income tax. The following are some examples of subject matter:

  • Statute of limitations

  • Market based sourcing

  • Nexus

  • Residency

  • Alternative apportionment

  • Closing agreements

  • Settlements

  • Offer in compromise

  • Expert witness, etc...


The FTB has a very successful and ever expanding filing enforcement program. Notices are sent to taxpayers who have not filed a tax return but have been identified to have a California filing requirement.

Information from third parties and technological developments have increased the number of notices sent to business entities and individual taxpayers. While the FTB has stated the program is a success, there are instances when notices have been sent in error. We are available to assist in these instances.


Steve is a nationally recognized speaker on California income tax related issues and has provided training throughout the United States for the last twenty years. In addition, he is very knowledgeable of FTB policies and procedures.

Training classes are available for professional tax organizations and accounting/law firms who work with the FTB.

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