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Getting it Right! “Senate confirms Charles Rettig to be IRS commissioner”...  An Advocate for the people, also my mentor and good friend.

Don’t get caught up in the us vs them, let the man do his job!

The chamber voted 64-33 to confirm Charles Rettig to be IRS commissioner for the remainder of a five-year term ending in November 2022. Fifteen Democrats voted in favor of Rettig, including several Democrats up for reelection in states Trump won and several who voted against Rettig's nomination in the Finance committee.

The confirmation vote comes as the IRS faces a host of challenges. In addition to the work it needs to do to implement the 2017 tax law, the agency is also dealing with a shrunken workforce, outdated technology and threats from cyber criminals.

The IRS has not had a permanent commissioner since November, when the term of former President Obama’s appointee, John Koskinen, ended. For the last 10 months, David Kautter, the Treasury Department assistant secretary for tax policy, has been serving as acting IRS commissioner.

Rettig is a Beverly Hills, Calif., attorney who has represented clients in disputes with the IRS. He also has served on an IRS advisory council and held leadership roles in professional organizations for lawyers.

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