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Frustrated talking to the Man/Woman regarding your taxes? Be nice, being an a$$ doesn’t help. CA Franchise Tax Board training on disgruntled taxpayers.

Abusive / Obscene Language

FTB staff are not required to tolerate continued use of abusive/obscene language by a caller. Always use good judgment and discretion when dealing with this type of situation.

NOTE: Use of profane language is never appropriate when dealing with taxpayers and could result in disciplinary actions.


There are times when a FTB representative may receive a threat during a telephone conversation. It is important to remain calm in these situations. If you receive a threat:

• Inform your lead or supervisor immediately

• Document the call ((****))

Your supervisor or lead will contact the appropriate areas or offices as the situation warrants. You may be asked to give a statement to security and possibly the California Highway Patrol (CHP) regarding the conversation.

NOTE: If a FTB staff is on an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) call, an emergency button can be pressed which will bring up the FTB staff’s name on the supervisors screen.

Sensitive Subject Matter

In some instances taxpayers will attempt to involve you in a discussion that is unrelated to their debt, question, or problem.

Due to the nature of our work and the volume of our calls, it is important to refrain from becoming involved in a discussion that is not related to satisfying the liability.


To help FTB staff resolve sensitive situations effectively regarding:

• Personal problems or tragedies

o Empathize with or at least acknowledge their feelings.

o Do not recount similar experiences of your own or encourage them to

discuss their problems.

o Be polite, but firm in returning to the subject or ending the call.

• Politics

o Political issues cannot be discussed. FTB staff should tell the caller that

they are not at liberty to express their personal opinions or views.