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Received a Notice of State Income Tax Due from the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and don’t believe you owe? Who ya gonna call?

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  • 32 Years of experience working at the FTB
  • Retired (FTB) after 7 years as the Taxpayer’s Rights Advocate
  • Two years Big Four (KPMG) experience as the California Income Tax subject matter expert
  • Nationally recognized Speaker on California Income Taxes
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Information from the California Franchise Tax Board

Why did I receive this notice?

The FTB issues a Notice of State Income Tax Due when you have a balance due for personal income tax.

What does the notice contain?

    •    Payment voucher: Mail the voucher with your payment.

    •    Account Balance Summary: Specific details of your balance due.

I Agree with the Change

    •    You don't need to contact the FTB

    •    Update your records

    •    Pay any balance due

    ◦    Web Pay

    ◦    Credit Card

    ◦    Check

    ◦    All Payment Options

I Don't Agree with the Change


    •    Your notice

    •    Any relevant tax documents

    •    Proof of payment (e.g. cancelled check, transaction number, etc.)

    •    Your name, address, and social security number

Save Time (Optional)

    •    Upload any supporting documents to your MyFTB account.

Contact FTB

    •    Chat (MyFTB Account)

    •    Call

    •    Visit a Field Office

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