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Business Representative: How to Submit a Protest or Respond to a Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Filing Enforcement Proposed Assessment - “If it’s old, it ain’t easy”!

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My client became aware of a FTB filing enforcement assessment when his bank account in Nevada was levied. The assessment was based on a California Board of Equalization sales tax report that was over 17 years old. My client never lived in CA, and has resided in Japan for the last 50 years. 

My client obtained a sellers permit to get a booth at a 1999 CA trade show.  Although he let it expire, someone else renewed the permit and filed sales tax reports to obtain credits in 2000-2003.  Fast forward 10 years plus, FTB issues an assessment based on those reports because the client had not filed a CA individual taxreturn for those years.  It took some work, but we got it withdrawn!

Mr. Sims helped me to resolve my issue with the California Franchise Tax Board professionally, effectively and efficiently.  In addition, he was able to do so even though I reside in Japan, and without his help I certainly could not have solved a situation in which I was suddenly served with a rather large tax bill, the origins of which were not very transparent.  It is obvious that he brings a wealth of experience to his job, and I know from first-hand experience that he gets results when dealing with tax authorities, and this saved me tens of thousands of dollars.” Herb C. Tokyo JAPAN